The Prayer Points below are for the Covenant Hour of Prayer for Thursday, 23rd January , 2020

Intercession 1: Father, by the revelation of your word, hasten the fulfillment of the prophetic word in the life of every winner– Isa. 60:22

Intercession 2: Father, open the eyes of every challenge winner to see this church as their city of refuge, where their trails shall be turned to testimonies this year  – Luk. 21:13

Intercession 3: Father, give all our new converts this year a testimony of once i was blind and now i can see, so that they can abide in  this church for life – Jn. 7:25

Intercession 4:Father, let the fire on the prayer altar of every winner be ever burning all through this year, leading to breaking limit order of church growth – Isa. 66:7-8

Intercession 5: Father, let the holy ghost continue to convict the loss across our harvest field , resulting in the multiplication of disciples in this church – Jn. 16:7-8