The Prayer Points below are for the Covenant Hour of Prayer for Monday, 3rd February , 2020

Intercession 1: Father, thank you for drafting abiding multitudes into our service(s) yesterday and for granting every worshipper All Round Rest by your Word – 2 Chron. 15:15

Intercession 2: Father, redirect the steps of every challenged Winner back to this Church this year and grant each of them a breaking limit order of testimony – Isa. 51:11

Intercession 3: Father, grant every member of this church, access to divine secrets this month, thereby empowering us into the realm of break limits this year– Job 29:4

Intercession 4:Father, stretch forth your hand for the speedy delivery of the 10,000 new churches to be planted across Nigeria this year– 1Kgs. 8:15

Intercession 5: Father, power every Winner for the speedy delivery of Operation 10 for Christ 2020 mandate – Zech. 4:6