The Prayer Points below are for the Covenant Hour of Prayer for Thursday, 31st October, 2019

Intercession 1: Father, give all our new concerts a testimony of once i was blind, now i can see, so they can be established in the faith and in this church for life – Jn. 9:25

Intercession 2: Father, let the zeal of the lord consume every winner, to pursue after the lost with passion this week, resulting in the invasion of multitudes into the kingdom and this church this Sunday Jn. 2:17

Intercession 3: Father, let your reaper angels go on the rampage across our harvest field this week, destroying all satanic strongholds resisting the people from getting saved  – Rev. 12:7-8

Intercession 4: Father, open the eyes of every contact made on the harvest field this week to see this church as their God ordained city of refuge and thereby abide here for life. – 2 sam. 7:10

Intercession 5: Father, let the holy spirit breathe upon our fliers and tracts, turning them into spiritual magnets; thereby drafting abiding multitudes into this church this coming Sunday  – Zech. 4:6