God Avenged Me Speedily! 
I joined this Church when I came to visit my son in Lagos. I began to attend all services, including Covenant Hour of Prayer, and I also partook in outreaches.
I am about 65 years old and had suffered from incessant health challenge for years. Before it starts, I would have a mysterious dream where my elder sister flogs me, and this kept my life in perpetual bondage and affliction. I did all I knew how to do, including going for deliverance and praying very hot prayers; yet, this torment continued unabated.
Then, on February 7, 2016, I attended the Covenant Day of Vengeance at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland. During the service, the Bishop said that vengeance would answer in the camp of our enemies and that we would hear good news’. I said, ‘Amen!’
That night, I just gave thanks to God and slept. Then I had a dream where my elder sister came as usual, but this time, I was able to overpower her. I beat her up to the point that she gave up the ghost. I dug the ground and buried her, and then I woke up.
I was amazed, excited and at the same time singing praises to God. On Monday, February 8, 2016, received news that my elder sister passed on; she slept and did not wake up. Now, I am free! I thank the God of Bishop Oyedepo, who showed me that He kills and makes alive according to 1 Samuel 2:6! – Mrs. Felicia Asekhai

Power Pass Power!
After the service of Tuesday, January 10, 2012, I went to bed and had a dream. I saw myself standing by a wall and charging towards me was a huge goat that wanted to smash me against the wall. Immediately, an invisible force lifted me up and the goat smashed itself headlong against the wall and I woke up.
Thereafter, I engaged in vengeance prayer against my enemies. The next morning, a woman in my neighbourhood came to my house with a big sore on her head and told me that she was the goat that attacked me in my dream. She further said, ‘I didn’t know that you are not ordinary. I am sorry.’ Indeed, divine vengeance is real!  Mrs. Martin Lartey

God of Vengeance at Work for Me!
Before now, I was always pursued by masquerades in my dreams. This experience began 5 years ago, but became frequent in November 2011. The persons behind the masquerades as revealed to me in December 2011 were my uncle, my stepmother and my stepsister.

I took advantage of the 21-day prayer and fasting to report them to the God of Vengeance. On Monday, January 16, 2015, I received a phone call from my dad that my uncle was dead. He died suddenly in the morning. From the day my uncle died, I started receiving phone calls from people who had abandoned me in the past, inquiring of my well-being. Glory be to the God of Vengeance! – Simeon, M.

God Struck on my Behalf! 
For over four years, we waited on the Lord for the fruit of the womb. However, a woman always monitored my situation, from time to time. She had been calling and asking me series of questions concerning my fruitlessness.
During the service on January 11 2012, in the course of the 21-day prayer and fasting, the Bishop said that we would hear news the following day.
I believed and went home for my personal vigil, which was between 1:00 am and 4:00 am daily. After the vigil, the same woman called me as usual. This time, I told her that God had done it. While the phone was still in her hand, God struck on my behalf. She started shouting, ‘My chest! My chest!’ and she gave up the ghost. Immediately, I saw a human figure walk out of me! Thank God, now I have my victory! Mrs. Awe, B.

Delivered from Poisonous Food Materials! 
My wife received food items as gifts from an old woman, who was our neighbor. We never knew that the items were poisoned. When we ate them, everybody in the house became sick.
On the third day of the 21-day prayer and fasting, I went to Church and the Resident Pastor said, ‘The God of vengeance will arise suddenly in someone’s case’. I keyed into that word and continued praying.
When we got home that day, we were told that the woman who gave us the food items collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, where she later died. I thank the God of vengeance who proved Himself! – Simbeye Kenson

Mysterious Rats Destroyed!
I came to this Church three Sundays ago. I repair generators but for years, my life was miserable. I trained a lot of people and when they were through with their training, they did better than me. They would marry with good homes. But for the past twenty-seven years, I have been laboring without anything to show. I would make a lot of money from my business and bring the money to my house in the night, but by the following morning, the money would literally disappear. This continued for a longtime. Nobody had the key to my house and my windows were not burgled; yet, money continued to disappear all the time. At a point, I started keeping the money with my friend and was able to save a sizeable sum. I then decided to get married since I was able to save. Two months after the wedding, my wife died and I went back to square one. When I came to this church, I gave my life to Christ and was given a package along with other new converts. When I got home, I decided to start keeping my money inside this package. But to my surprise, my money no longer got lost in the house. One morning, I found dead, two long-mouthed rats dead in the corner of my room around the location of this package which now served as my safe. That same morning, I received news that two of my uncles died in the village. From that day till date, my money no longer disappears mysteriously in my house. I give glory to the God of Winners! – Amos, S

Delivered Through the Prophetic Mantle!
I have been married for over 14 years and suffered several miscarriages. I was invited by a friend to this church for Mantle Impartation Service. Days after, I had a dream where someone had sexual intercourse with me. Suddenly, I remembered the mantle. I ran to where I kept it and flogged the evil woman on the face with it, and she staggered. Few hours later, I was called to come and see my mother. When I got there, behold, I saw her on the bed with a scary face like acid burn. When I asked, what happened, my father said my mother was sleeping and suddenly, she woke up shouting, ‘my face! my face!’. Meanwhile, that was the same time I was sleeping too. My mother then began to confess, among other things, that she was responsible for my miscarriages for the past 14 years by coming to make love to me in the dream. She also said she was responsible for my father’s sack from a reputable place of work to become a security man, and she manipulated the repatriation of my younger brother from South Africa to become a bus driver in Lagos. I give glory to the Almighty God for delivering me from this household enemy! – Mrs. Ijeoma Adekunle

Delivered from the Siege of Misfortune!
When I was eight years old, I was kidnapped by my grandmother and taken to the village. Since then, I experienced diverse afflictions in my life. In 2002, I started being molested sexually in my dreams. I tried to stop it to no avail. Also, I resigned without reasons from companies where I worked.
Later, I went to the village and confronted my paternal grandmother. I asked her why my parents died mysteriously and the reason I was the only one having challenges among my eight siblings. In response, she said my stubbornness was responsible for my problems. However, I wasn’t satisfied with her response. So, I sought answers from my maternal grandmother who told me it was my paternal grandmother that killed my parents. She then advised me to relocate to the city and focus on serving God. Thereafter, I gave my life to Christ and believed God for divine intervention. Meanwhile, whenever I received my salary, I paid my tithe but in January 2015, I resigned because I was tired of my situation and believed God for my deliverance. To the glory of God, I was informed on Thursday, January 22, 2015 that my grandmother was dead. Lo and behold, that same day; I received three job offers. Praise the Lord! – Favour Destiny

Delivered from Ritual Killers!
Though, I am from an Anglican background and did not like Winners at the beginning, I got married to a man who attends Winners. On my way out on Christmas Eve, I saw a phone on the ground by a tricycle which I thought belonged to the driver. I drew his attention to the phone, but he told me to pick it up for him and I did. Thereafter, I found myself following some people to their car. As I opened my eyes between 10:00am and 10:30am, I found myself in the bush with my legs tied and about 17 other people tied there with me. Also, towards my left, I saw dead people with 1000 and 500 naira notes coming out of them. I was afraid and started shouting, ‘Jesus! Jesus!’ With this, the herbalist instructed one of his men to give me a drink that would silence me. Thereafter, my daughter was taken from me by one of the men. In desperation, I threw my hand bag at the man who took my baby. Immediately, the Shiloh 2015 flier that was in the bag fell on the floor and suddenly, Bishop Oyedepo started speaking in tongues from the picture. All 15 ritualist fell down, including the one carrying my child.
I took a knife from the ground and cut myself and the other seventeen people loose. Thereafter, I carried my daughter and started running. My husband came and I was taken to the Pastor for prayers, and the mysteries of the anointing oil and Communion were administered. However, the effects of the charmed drink persisted. I became deaf and dumb. The Pastor organized prayers for me and I was totally delivered. I thank the God of Oyedepo, the God of Shiloh and the Almighty God for what He did for me! – Victoria Emmanuel

Divine Vengeance! 
My grandmother had been behind the afflictions in my family. Although she was confronted with the death of my parents, she denied being responsible.
When the 21-day prayer and fasting for 2012 began, I participated wholeheartedly and believed God for a change of story in my family. During the second vigil on January 20, 2012, I was unable to attend the service because I was on duty at work. However, I connected and watched it online.
During the service, the Bishop instructed us to declare fire on our enemies and I did. Few days later, I received a call from my aunt in Malawi that my grandmother got burnt and could not walk since the night of the vigil. She informed me that the fire only burnt her and not the room where she was. Today, things are working well for my family. I give God all the glory for avenging me! – Twammie S.

God of Vengeance Showed Up!
While praying during the prayer and fasting season, I stated on my prayer request card that God should release His vengeance on anyone from my village, who has vowed that no one will make it or rise in my family. During our Staff Corporate Prayer Hour this afternoon, I prayed the same prayer from my prayer card, and told God to release judgment over such persons.
Thirty minutes after the staff prayer hour, I received a call from my younger brother that a man was confessing. He started mentioning our names that he is the one responsible for all what has been happening in the family. Few minutes after his confession, he gave up the ghost. Praise the Lord! – John, D.

Delivered from Destruction!
On Monday, when I got to the office, my boss started ranting at me, but I couldn’t figure out the reason. So, I kept quiet. Five minutes later, when I opened my office door, I saw two redhead lizards side-by-side moving out of my office. I was amazed because it was not naturally possible for such species to move side by side. However, they were killed by another colleague of mine. Immediately the lizards were killed, my boss came into my office and pulled off his clothes. My other colleagues who saw him knew he was insane, so he was taken to his office. An hour later, he prostrated before me and asked for forgiveness. I was surprised; so, I asked him, ‘How can I forgive you if I don’t know what you have done?’ But he kept asking for forgiveness. When his case became critical, he was taken to ‘ARO’ (a hospital for the mentally deranged), where he died few days later. Meanwhile, his wife also sought for my forgiveness in the office. She confessed to me that her husband kept a small pot under my seat for my destruction and that everyone involved in my issue were all dead. As she was confessing to me, she collapsed and was rushed out of the office complex.
Few days after the incident, my overall boss called me and said I was due for promotion. Now, I’m occupying the same position of the man who wanted me dead. Hallelujah! Jesus is indeed ‘all out’ for His elect! – John Isaac Innocent

I Have Seen the Greater Light!
On Saturday, September 26, 2015 at about 9:00 am, while I was sitting outside with my friends, two brethren from this church preached to me. After they left, I went home to eat and laid down to rest. Suddenly, I heard a great voice saying, ‘I am the Lord, I came to preach to you by myself’. This voice came repeatedly and loud as ever. When I woke up, I told my mum about it but she said I should ignore it and that it was from the devil. I kept hearing the voice, so she wrote some Arabic letters on a wooden tablet, washed it and gave me to drink However, that voice became much stronger.
At 7:00 pm that evening, when it was time to go to the mosque, I was planning to go and pray, but this mighty voice came louder saying, ‘Don’t go there; I have called you to save you’. I became so weak, went back home and told my mum, who said I should ignore it. When I was about to sleep, I heard that same voice again and at about 11:00pm, I saw a great bright light and heard a voice saying, ‘I have come to set you free’. Thereafter, I found myself bowing down on my knees and asking, ‘Who are you?’ The voice answered, ‘I am the Alpha and Omega; I’m the One who came to die on the cross of Calvary, and I have come to set you free’. Suddenly, I found myself preparing to come to this church; I couldn’t help it, so I came.
In the course of the service, God spoke to me through the Pastor and I gave my life to Christ that same day. When I got home, I couldn’t hide it anymore, so I called my family members and told them about my conversion. On the spot, I was persecuted. They collected my phone and laptop, and broke them. Thereafter, I was given 7 days to leave their house; but in the midst of all these, I felt peace and great joy.
On Friday, October 2, 2015, a meeting was called and I was summoned, and taken to see my uncle who is an Alfa (herbalist). After several arguments, I was told to kneel down and take off my clothes, for a sacrifice to be made. He then brought out a live chicken, slaughtered it and collected its blood in a black clay pot. However, while he was still doing his incantations, he died on the spot, standing. In the midst of the argument, they tapped my uncle to intervene but he fell down flat. I found myself shouting the Blood of Jesus. They called his family and told them what had happened. He was buried that same Friday and I was smuggled back home. I was accused of killing my uncle with a higher power. Brethren it was not me, but God Almighty. I have seen the greater light. I give praise to God, who delivered me! – Umar Abah

Arrow Returned Back to Sender!

I am a new convert and on Sunday, June 21, 2015, I attended service for the first time in Canaanland. During the service, I took a shot of the anointing oil as instructed by Bishop Oyedepo. At 4:00 am the following day, I had stomach ache and went to the toilet. There, I vomited a live fish and two padlocks. Surprisingly, an uncle who did not know where I lived before then, knocked the door at 5:00 am, came in and packed the items I vomited. Then, he criticized me for being born again. The following day, I took another shot of the anointing oil. Thereafter, I received a call from Benin Republic that one of the four daughters of that my uncle had died. I was also told that the other three daughters confessed that they were responsible for my afflictions. Presently, one of them is paralyzed! I give God all the glory! – Daniel Victor

Now There is Peace Everywhere!
There has been a strongman terrorizing my family, and the truth is that everyone knew but just kept quiet. Then, I decided to fast and pray for seven days, beginning from the 1st of August, 2016, for new beginnings in the family while waging war against the strong man, during which I relocated a mountain to pray. On the mountain, I read the book Winning Prayer, authored by the Bishop, and I learnt from it that for God to answer my prayers, I need to get rid of bitterness, anger and strife while embracing consecration and forgiveness. As I descended the mountain, I knew the battle was already won. During the Covenant Day of Vengeance service, the Bishop, my Prophet said: ‘You will hear news this week!’ I held on to that prophetic word every day. To crown it all, on Wednesday, August 10, 2016, I refused praying for myself but engaged in Kingdom prayers and God did it. The strong man died that Wednesday and when I was discussing with a family member to know what happened exactly, I was told the health of the strongman started deteriorating the Sunday of the Covenant Day of Vengeance. Now, there is peace on every side! Ebun, 0